Sunday, April 29, 2012

My week in pictures

I can't believe I spent the entire afternoon evening (after church and grocery shopping) on my ebay listings. Man, I was so engrossed with keeping track of my sales (hahahaha) and listing new products so much so I had a nasty shock when I realised it was way past 9pm and I've yet to prepare dinner. I guess it's probably back to ebay once again once I'm done with this post. Can't wait to clear my wardrobe and make space for my new purchases *winks, ok, SMIRKS

Me during lecture and chilling like a boss. Disclaimer: before you start thinking I'm some unrefined, uncivilized and uncultured Asian chick, this was taken during the lecture break. We had a movie screening (thats film studies Majors kids for ye) and I was in this posture half the time cos I needed to stretch my legs. And also 'cos there was no one seating in front of me. I ain't that rough, y'know

Brunch @ Twenty & Six Espresso (see previous post for more info). 

 I love people watching (old habits die hard)

 Model in a 1970s Brooks Brothers ad. He's hot and the New Yorker cousin would totally love this (uh, he ain't gay but he's a huge BB fan)

'The Hunter'


Low ankle boots with satin ribbon bow that I'm gonna put up for sale on ebay. Selling it cos we're moving and frankly speaking, I might pull of this look when I'm 18...but not the ripe old age of 22

The same pair of boots. Taken when I was 18. Get my drift (about being young and pulling off that girly look)?

Dinner on mon at Gami Chicken off Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Holy shit, that was one hell load truckload of fried chicken. 

OK, this pic of yours truly does not belong here (literally and figuratively speaking) cos it was taken in Spring 2010. Heh heh

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