Friday, April 27, 2012

The Big Issue

Uh, I've managed to convince my New Yorker cousin to help me with some purchases from American Apparel, since it's way cheaper in the States as compared to Aussie. Though I can't decide if I should get the Disco Pant or the Riding Pant. I love the Disco Pant (excusez-moi, it's basically lust at first sight) but alas, the thought of walking around in a sparkly jeggings-ish looking outfit doesn't seem to entirely goes well with me. And then i saw this picture of the Riding Pant. Which. Basically. Nailed. It. All.

pic source: American Apparel

Before I sign off (and start making my online purchases), this is what I ate for brunch earlier today. Aptly named after traditional female Japanese performers (Memoirs of a Geisha, anyone?), the 'Geisha' consists of black and white sesame-crusted tuna steak along with wasabi mash. Wow, wasabi mash - thats mash potato in a whole new level (YES, I'm a sucker for anything potato). 

Place we went to: Twenty & Six Espresso, along 594 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

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