Monday, October 31, 2011

We Are Handsome

Pretty pictures from its latest lookbook. 'nuff said.

picture sources:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Palazzo Beauties

I swear online shopping is a drug I need to wean off. I think I've lost count of the number of stuff I've bought online just this month. It's just way too crazy. And just last night, I've discovered the best online shopping site. Oh geez, why did it take me ages to discover this awesome Australian-based site???? *shrugs*

Anyway, thats besides the point... I nearly bought a pair of palazzo pants for myself cos they're so chic and I'm totally digging this look now. Palazzo pants + white tank top + wedges/clogs = FASHION BABY!!!! But that said, I didn't get them in the end cos I decided to splurge on an edgy ring from Erin Wasson's LowLuv range (funny how I'm always buying stuff from House of Harlow and LowLuv).

Picture sources: ELLE, ASOS, Derek Lam 

I'm really loving the trend! I also love how it doubles up as a semi-formal, dressier version of the typical corporate trousers (like the ones that accountants wear to work, no offence to accountants though), just as the one in the third picture (courtesy of Derek Lam). I can definitely see myself wearing that to work if I were some high-flying PR executive. One other reason why I didn't get myself that pretty palazzo pants online last night? Thats cos I already own a pair!!! Hahaha it's the exact same one in the last picture. Got it from ASOS and it was quite a good bargain too :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

funk funk funkis

Received my first pair of Funkis clogs in the mail today (I've been lusting for these Swedish clogs since forever) and omg, they're sooooo pretty!!!!! <3
I was quite worried at first as I bought a size 37 (when I'm a EUR 38) but my friend (who already owns two Funkis pairs) says 37 is a good fit for size 38 peeps like us. True enough, I was over the moon and literally thankful that I did consult my friend with regards to sizing issue cos 37 does fits me perfectly! :)

the pretty 921 vegie ankle strap clog that's all mine mine mine now :) 

(p.s. I had a hard time thinking which size I should get as the size guide on the Funkis site seems a little way off. A usual size 37 means a AU6 and a UK4 but on their site, a UK6 and AU8 is their standard size 38 (when it should have been UK5 and AU7, at least going by the size converters out there). That kinda got me confused for a while. I dropped the nice people at Funkis and a very nice lady told me it'll be good to size up if I have broad feet, and size down if I have narrow feet (very swift reply from them btw). Also asked a seller from Gumtree who was selling her Funkis clogs and she told me she realised she was wearing the wrong size after all - she realised there was so much clog space at the end of the clog. So if you're thinking of getting one, or if you can't decide on what size to get (especially if you're in between sizes like me), just size down! I'm really happy that I got a 37 instead of a 38 cos I can foresee that a 38 will probably be way too big for me, even though I'm always a size 38.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm so effing mad at ASOS - goddamnit, they accidentally left out part of my address and thus, the postman couldn't locate my place and had to send the freaking parcel back to their warehouse. And now ASOS is telling me they're gonna refund me BUT look, i don't want a refund. I just want my items back. (They say I can re-order on the site again). Like hello? The size and color that I want are all sold out. And guess what? I placed three orders within a week and they also forgot to include my unit number for my address (for all three orders). Intentionally or what?

ASOS just makes my blood boil. I adore the free shipping and the once-in-a-blue-moon 80% sale and the wonderful range of outfits your clearance sale provides but really, asos' standard is really turning for a worse change. First, they sent me an incorrect item (last May) and now this. Ugh. But it's alright, let me change my focus to Urban Outfitters. I was looking for some pictures for my media research paper (I'm focusing on media effects) and omg, the catalog is just breathtaking! I love love love UO's catalog - gorgeous models, pretty clothes and breathtaking sights. Thanks to Soraya who got me the hardcopy version from NYC last year! :)

Pretty pictures taken off UO's Summer/Fall Catalog '10/'11

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I was browsing The Straits Times online (well, doesn't mean that just cos you're away from home warrants you a reason to not read your local broadsheet paper back home) and guess what's featured on URBAN's Fash Flash?

"Montblanc has launched a special collection inspired by the late Princess Grace of Monaco.
Called the Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco, it comprises fine jewellery, timepieces and writing instruments adorned with diamonds and precious stones.
The Grace Kelly fountain pen ($1,260), roller ball pen ($1,050) and ballpoint pen ($920) are available at the Montblanc flagship store at 01-05 Mandarin Gallery. The rest of the collection will be available from next year."
- URBAN, 30th September 2011, Friday 

First of all, I gotta say that I really wish mom had waited this long to get me the Grace Kelly fountain pen. I'm a huge fan of the ingénue turned Hollywood royalty and later, real-life princess. (For starters, my mother bought me the rollerball from Mont Blanc's  Ingrid Bergman La Donna collection last year. I love Ms Bergman (I mean, I enjoyed her performance in Casablanca), but really, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grace Kelly. I mean, she's the epitome of class and sophistication. It's hardly a surprising fact that she's the muse for the Hermes' Kelly bag. Besides, I'm still kinda peeved that I can't engrave my initials on my Mont Blanc pen (due to the mother-of-pearl style lacquer, though I'm not too sure if you can do that with the Grace Kelly's). 

The Ingrid Bergman La Donna Rollerball and the actress herself 
picture sources: Mont Blanc,

The Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco and the Hollywood starlet-turned-royal.  Love the B/W picture of Kelly. She looks beautiful and dead-drop gorgeous.

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