Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Something Blue about that ebay sale

I was browsing through ebay the other day when I've managed to find a couple of good deals - vintage Chanel flats for under $50 (but yeah, it's pre-owned). And then something caught my eye - a pair of Manolo Blahnik Something Blue satin pumps. If it sounds familiar, thats because Mr. Big helped Carrie put on that pair of peacock-jewelled adorn pair in the first Sex and the City movie. And it doesn't help that the owner stated that the shoe is pre-owned and that bidding price starts at AU$45. It was such a good steal and that made me started pondering if the shoes is indeed authentic (or a nice replica). It doesn't help that the owner has garnered pretty good feedback, but c'mon, a pair of designer shoes worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in a box-office movie and selling for a meagre sum? I don't think I've the fortune to snag such a good buy. It's just, too good to be true.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


*wrote this entry sometime back in early Jan '12 but it was saved under as a draft...till now

It's that time of the year again - decorate and beautify my 2012 engagement planner :>
I HAVE to decorate my planners with magazine cutouts. Beats me but I guess I just need to personalize my planner. Heck, it even doubles up as a fashion bible in the event that you need some fashion inspiration.

I haven't started decorating my 2012 planner yet, though I've already prepared stickers (bought them from a paper craft store) and magazines cutouts of my favourite celebrities and looks. I usually get these cutouts from fashion titles such as Harper's BAZAAR (usually the Singaporean and Australian edition), Vogue, Teen Vogue, ELLE Singapore, Female (a Singapore fashion title) and Style: (One of my favorite titles; it's a fashion magazine from Singapore). When I was younger (say 15-18), it used to be the likes of Seventeen, Girlfriend (the Australian version of Seventeen) and Teen Vogue.

Note: I don't really try working on every single page. I usually focus on the first few pages.

My 2011 planner! 

Martina (R)! She's the first model whom I've worked alongside with for a shoot. Very nice and approachable :)

Will probably upload 2012's lot really soon! xxx

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Devil (literally) Wears Prada

I had a huge dilemma two fortnights ago. Apparently the PR company where I was interning at wants me to help out for a luxury watch event. And that was when it suddenly dawned on me that I've been a little tad too 'flashy' for an intern. I mean, which intern goes around toting the latest designer bag, with a pair of Chanel studs (with a ring to boot) and even carries a Mont Blanc La Donna edition pen with her wherever she goes? Apart from the label enthusiast colleague who sits just a few cubicles away from me, and the posh Brit who carries a Birkin, most of the ladies (and gents) in my company make do with a simple tote. And that got me a little startled - am I going far too overboard with all these designer goods? 

A very close friend of mine whom I'd confided in retorted me with a rather sharp answer: 

"I normally take my miu miu/mulberry/ferragamo bag on a daily basis but no one really cares? Cos at least in my office most of the ladies carry designer bags. And it's in the office dress code to wear a suit everyday so you don't ever look dressed down."

Ah, that seems to make sense now. When I first started interning at an internationally-acclaimed fashion magazine, the interns there have no qualms carrying the Alexa or a PS1 satchel. Heck, I even personally know of someone who wears a Hugo Boss suit for his interview/internship. And that of course, I also know of mere acquaintances who are totally fine with lugging their Birkins (yes, just 21 and they already own an Ostrich Birkin, thank you very much) to the financial institutions that they were interning at. And then again, who can forget that infamous Singaporean intern who posted on an online forum, asking if it's okay for her to lug her mini Birkin to the law firm where she's interning at.

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