Monday, November 26, 2012

Celine Luggage

I know I used to blog incessantly about the Celine Box Bag but after bumping into a girl at uni last May (with a classic black Luggage no-less), I'm now literally besotted with the Luggage tote. Otherwise known as the Boston tote, the Luggage tote is created by the current Creative Director of Celine - Phoebe Philo (God, I LOVE her. She's one of my favorite designers. Can anyone say minimalist chic much?). Philo is also the brains behind some of fashion's most desired and well-coveted it bags - the Paddington (Chloe) and yes, the Box shoulder and this season's favorite arm candy, the Celine Trapeze.

Look at the red edge detail on the luggage! 

That aside, I've managed to obtain my very own Celine baby! <3 I literally had a hard time looking for one. Apparently the classic black luggage is a very popular model - I was told I have to wait for some 4-6 months on the waiting list for new arrivals. So it was a godsend indeed when my dad told me he has managed to find the last piece of this leather baby. And just so y'know, the luggage bag comes in five different sizes. I've gotten this info from the friendly sales supervisor at the Celine boutique in Singapore:

Nano - 20 x 20 cm
Micro - 26 x 26 cm
Mini - 30 x 30 cm
Shoulder - 30 x 37 cm
Medium - 38 x 40 cm

Note: The Medium is really huge (it's basically a traveling bag). Popular designs/models are the micro and mini. My luggage tote is the mini.

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