Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mink Pink Global Roadtrip 2012

One of my favorite Aussie brands. I love their fun, colorful and flirty prints/designs. And Mink Pink has (once again) wowed me with its latest lookbook, titled the Mink Pink Global Roadtrip 2012. I mean,  how often do you get to see pretty models donning pretty clothes and yet seemed to be having all the fun in the entire world?

Pic sources: Mink Pink's official Facebook page

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tea Party

I've always been a huge fan of high tea (think: scones, sandwiches, dainty desserts and yummilicious pastries) - it's no wonder why I'm always at TWG chilling with my friends. Heck, even my 21st birthday bash was held at the Rose Veranda (Shangri-la Singapore), with the theme 'Breakfast at Tiffany.' How apt.

In any case, today was just yet another lazy Sunday...save for the fact that my brother, cousin and I spent the bulk of our Sunday afternoon appreciating a high tea buffet at the Tea Lounge, Regent Singapore. It was my first time at the Tea Lounge (yes, I actually missed it the first time round when I was scouring for high tea venues to hold my birthday bash). According to my cousin, it's pretty common for people to be on the waiting list for months cos the food spread here is really good (caviar, salmon, two choice of unlimited tea and beverages, wagyu, foie gras pate and desserts/pastries for just $48++). But what really impressed me was the impeccable service. The moment we stepped into the tea lounge, the manager (he's French, by the way) warmly showed us to our seat and even took time off to explain the food spread to us. The servers too would also dropped by once in a while and made (some) small talk with us. Such wonderful service indeed.

Source: Regent Singapore

Managed to snap this Hawaiian Floral Dress from an online local (Singaporean) blogshop by the name of Sandyjoy. This is my first purchase from a blogshop! I've never shop from local blogshops before so guess this is a first. Got it from the mortar store (apparently there was a Fashion Showcase at the Suntec Convention Hall over the weekends and there were more than thirty blogshops setting stall there). Oh and yes, my metallic pumps! I've been dying to wear them out for ages! :>

Thursday, July 26, 2012


As seen on Teen Vogue

I know it's been a looooooong time since I last updated my blog but I'd so much going on for me - job hunting, random dates and meetups with my friends and loved ones ever since I got back from Melbourne. And now I'm vexing as to what to wear for my graduation ceremony (it's gonna be dress and tights cos I've always been a 'dress girl' (well, most of the time) and tights cos it's frigging winter over at Australia in August). And right now, I'm busy listing items on eBay. Yes I've been looking forward to this since forever. Cos I get to earn some $$$ and clear some space from my wardrobe. My stuff are pretty much new. Here are some of them: 

Princess Polly POP Belt

Sarah Lace Dress (Loverbird via Market HQ)

RARE Cut Out Mesh Tube Dress

TFNC Sleeveless Pleat Cross Over Dress

RARE Wide Leg Chiffon Palazzo Pants

Topshop Heeled Loafers 
(I've been looking for a pair like this for ages and when I finally found it in the outlet on Chapel Street, the only available size was an EU 39 (I'm a 38). Love them so I bought them regardless of the bigger fit. I've yet to worn this babies but I'm thinking of selling them cos they're really high. Really makes me look like a giant in them. Sigh, thats tall girls for you.)

Silence & Noice Lace Bodysuit

There are others but I can't seem to find their images on the web so guess it's high time to charge my camera and upload those pictures manually (another reason why I'm a busy bee). 

P.S.: Random much, but I'm constantly playing Kimbra's Two Way Street on repeat. Girl is amaaaaaaaazing. 

Image sources: Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Princess Polly, MarketHQ

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peaches Geldof+Tom Cohen

Cutest couple aside (and yes, cutest celeb baby ever), I'm totally digging the fact that this two are always together in their little own world. Not forgetting their vintage-inspired getups too.

Sources: The Virtual World

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