Thursday, April 19, 2012

Candy Baby

Ok so I just got back from Sydney last week (sorry that I haven't been posting cos I'm really really busy these days. I mean, I'm here only 'cos I'm taking a break from my darn Media research essay). Pics will be up soon (hopefully).

Apart from the food (Hurricane's! Chat Thai!), there's another reason why I totally heart Sydney! - Holy shite, there is an actual Victoria's Secret store in Sydney's Airport (OK Melbourne people, please do something about this). No surprises that my gal pals and I went gaga the moment we spotted VS. All of us just started throwing bottles of fragrance mists and lotion into our baskets and made a beeline for the cashier. I got myself the usual Love Spell series but there's a new baby that I'm totally crushing on right now and it's the Candy Baby mist.

Holy shite, this totally reminds me of candy/fairy floss! It has a strong sugar and vanilla scent to it and it smells really nice! It's my favourite fragrance mist right now. One of my girlfriend got this as well. And I remembered telling her, "Your boyfriend is gonna find you so edible right now." 

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