Wednesday, May 25, 2011


***ok, i lied. Orders above USD$150 only. Offer ends today, so hurry!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I was so proud of myself for not doing any online shopping (even though I did attempt to by looking poring through some of my favourite sites) since April. Checked my mail last night and found a mail from American Apparel (Australia). Apparently they're having a hosiery and socks sale so heh heh yours truly helped myself to some nice tights (I'm a big fan of tights by the way. They look so sophisticated with ankle boots, flats and booties during winter. Love love them!) and then, I suddenly had the urge to take a good look at the Disco Pant again. I had the biggest crush on the Disco Pant since last year, but what put me off from purchasing one pair is the huge-ass price. Seriously, 125AUD for a pair of shiny nylon pants? But I don't deny they are indeed a showstopper :)

My fave color! :) See how awesome it looks! Makes me so tempted to get a pair right now grrrr


Speaking of which, I got myself my first pair of TOMS shoes last night!! :) For those who don't know, TOMS was basically started by this an American dude who travelled to Argentina and was startled that most of the poverty-stricken kids there do not even own a pair of shoe. And thus, thats how TOMS came about. For every pair of shoe that is purchased by you or anyone else, the company will donate a new pair of shoes to a kid in need. It's basically fashion cum charity. The shoes reminds me of keds, but what I really like is the idea of helping someone and being able to get yourself a new nice reward at the end of the day. TOMS' is also very much a big hit among celebrities too - Keira Knightley, Miley Cyrus, Liv Tyler, the Olsen twins, Anna Kubrick and model Agyness Denn are some of the famous faces that have been seen wearing them. 

I got myself a TOMS classic canvas which retails for US$44 and I got mine in Olive. My sis thought the colour was awful (she got hers in Navy) while the Boyfriend thinks Olive is a pretty unique colour as compared to Ash grey (my first choice). Heh heh I guess I'll probably have to wait for my parcel to arrive before I could say if I made the right choice, but till then, fingers crossed!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I am so uber freaking pissed. I haven't visit the UO site since last month (in fact, I think I only browsed the site briefly less than 5 times this semester) and I was happily selecting some good buys to my cart when gasp, economy shipping fees is now USD$30?!!! Whatever happened to that $12 economy shipping fees?! Seriously, UO is the death of me. I love your items but why do you have to do this to us, beloved international shoppers? Whats with that increment? Gone were the days when I used to shop like nobody's business (free shipping as long as you spend more than $150) but now, I gotta pay some freaking $30 just to ship a couple of sale items over? Oh God.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Random musings

Me in my sis' micro denim shorts. Wore this out with ankle boots to Camberwell Market with Blair two months back. Do pardon me for the messy background at the back.

Totally diggin' her hair here.


Deena & Ozzy studded boots that I got for a steal from Urban Outfitters. My fave 2010 winter essentials.

The late Korean model Daul Kim. Took this off from her blog sometime back last year when I was reading it. Love this pic. It reminds me of a Bazaar editorial. 

Picture sources: random blogs and tumblr accounts, with the exception of the first one (duh)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another update on the GE 2011.

I was skimming through Xiaxue's blog when I chanced upon this new entry. Frankly speaking, I'm not a huge fan of her though I've to admit that I totally dig her style of writing. And while I'm not an advocate of excessive Photoshop (she looks kinda plastic in some of her pictures; it makes you ponder if that girl in those pictures is even a living doll). But that said, I respect her and admire her even more after reading this article ( It's straight to the point and it brings up so many issues which most Singaporean online netizens have overlooked (you know who you are, anti-PAP bashers).

I don't know George Yeo personally (haven't met him either), neither do I know his children (though a friend of a friend is pretty close with the Yeos), but from what I garnered from his Facebook account and even recounts of people who've met him, he seems to be a pretty down-to-earth man with exceptional credentials. This is definitely someone whom I'd vote for if I could (I can't vote by the way, and yes I'm from the Holland-Bukit Timah area). And I think Xiaxue also made a pretty relevant point when she says we shouldn't compare both Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling. Granted, they're both young (the former's 24, the latter, 27), successful in their rights and have grassroots experiences; but that does not necessary meant that Seah is better than Tin. Just because she could speak better and pump up the crowd with fiery anti-PAP speeches doesn't make her a better candidate. Yes, Tin made several mistakes (the awful, cutesy Kate Spade picture, not bringing her parents to Universal Studios as her greatest regret), but if you were to realise, neither did Seah thoroughly impressed with her answer (with regards to the greatest regret). At first glance, her answer's definitely way more impressive and intelligent as compared to Tin but hello, that's not really answering the question when the reporter asked 'whats your greatest regret' and you go ' I'm only 24 blahblahblah.' (Though I have to admit I don't think I would want Tin in the parliament).

It's kinda disheartening to see that some Singaporeans are actually taking things a little too personal. What's with the name bashing? And even likening our government to a tyrant? I mean, sure, the PAP has its fair share of problems to settle but that doesn't mean one can start calling them names (and really awful names at that) and even dragging the various politicians' families into this whole bashing saga. It's really amusing how low some people can actually go. But at the same time, it makes me ponder if our society is one that is totally devoid of both compassion, warmth and understanding.

The Prime Minister has already made a public apology, so what more do you want? It's not easy to be a leader, but it's definitely not easy to be a good leader. And there's also no such thing as a flawless and perfect government system. You can easily infer from other countries.

p.s: it's funny how I started this blog because I love fashion, but now I'm constantly updating it with politics-related news.

ED: I just went over to TR for a quick look and I'm totally flabbergasted at the amount of vulgarities and crude language used by the netizens there. One even called Ms Bryna Sim's mother a 'slut.' Like seriously? On what grounds does this person have to call someone else' mom a slut? What an uncultured, unrefined and uncivilized person. Fancy resorting to such low means. What's with all the name callings and name bashings seriously? Looking at the way my fellow Singaporeans conduct themselves on the Internet is just shocking and downright despicable.Just makes me mad mad mad. And yes, I've shared my piece of mind on that stupid site, Temasek Review (it's stupid cos it's only existence is to bash the government and create anti-PAP sentiments, and where all those mindless people gather to start verbally abusing the government in a crude and distasteful manner). All i can do is to just pray that they'll not delete my comment since it's still under 'moderation.'
lcGot this off from a friend's Facebook status:

"Don't talk about "gutter journalism" and how journos in Spore are lapdogs of the govt until you've worked for a professional paper and have an idea of how it's like. You don't have to read these papers if you hate em so much. Set up your own if you're one to talk."

I seriously have no idea whats wrong with Singaporeans (those on that ridiculous anti-TNP page). Look, you want free press? Sure, you'll get it. But don't regret it. And this is coming from a Journalism student (but don't worry, I don't fabricate stories, so please don't drag me down as well). 

ed: And calling the reporter Bryna Sim 'ugly', 'prostitute' and even likening her to a 'scheming rat?' Hello, isn't that a bit tad too personal? What does it says about you? Kinda too despicable if you were to stoop to such low levels of awful name bashing/calling.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Singapore General Elections 2011

Honestly speaking, I would like to think of myself as someone who is generally apathetic to the political scene back in my home country. This is something not uncommon, considering the fact that most of my peers are also seemingly apathetic to the local political scene back home. But recently, I find myself being intrigued with news and the ongoings back home (I'm an overseas University undergrad by the way). I even find myself googling the likes of Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling, and treating Twitter and The Straits Times as my new best friends, while bombarding friends on Facebook with links to blog posts and videos.

I'm still legally unable to vote, but I guess that may be a blessing in disguise for me. I mean, PAP or one of the opposition party? That is definitely one tough decision to be made. I don't deny the fact that the PAP has contributed so much to Singapore; so much so that we are able to progress from a small fishing village (and from British colonial rule) to the affluent, first-world nation today in a short span of 40 years. I've also lost count on the number of times I proudly beamed to my non-Singaporean friends about my home country (read: well-known shopping district, famous Integrated Resorts, food paradise, clean garden city - it may seemed kinda cliche, but trust me, you'll learn to appreciate what you see on the streets here after being away from home for quite some time). I remember taking an anthropology module in University two semesters back, and Singapore was often mentioned by my tutor, simply because she is the only Southeast Asian country to succeed both economically and financially as a whole under a different government rule that works well for the country itself. I've been reading the comments and opinions on blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube (and yes, while I agree that Nicole Seah does seem to be a more fitting candidate than PAP'S Tin Pei Ling), I kinda ponder if Singaporeans know what they're in for the long run.

A huge disclaimer first, that is, I'm not pro-PAP. But what makes you think so that these opposition parties are able to stand by their own words or policies that they claim they will finalise? If the vast majority can pinpoint the PAP for not keeping to their words, what more these political parties? I'm not trying to say they are incapable, but look, the PAP has been in place for as long as I can remember and the PAP has indeed done a good job in allowing Singapore to thrive. But that said, no political system or government is entirely flawless. The PAP does have its own share of shortcomings too. I'm sure Singaporeans are now feeling disgruntled simply because they feel that the government is not doing much to help the community and the natives, especially those from the lower and middle income groups. Therefore, I hope that the growing (strong) presence of outstanding candidates from the opposition parties will actually serve as a wake-up call to the PAP, that it is indeed time to review their policies and to think of best plans to help the people (growing inflation and a higher cost of living is a probable concern), along with alternatives for the poor and needy.

With response to online groups and forums about the state-controlled media in Singapore, I beseech you to think it through again. What makes you think that a privately-owned media would do you (or the nation) good? Look at America today. The country has way too much unrestrictive press freedom. And in Australia, nearly 75% of the media here is owned by the media proprietor Rupert Murdoch. This is a guy who is smart enough to pander to the likes of politicians whom he supports. You can kinda picture what will come up in his papers with regards to his favored public figures' policies and plans.
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