Sunday, April 29, 2012

My week in pictures

I can't believe I spent the entire afternoon evening (after church and grocery shopping) on my ebay listings. Man, I was so engrossed with keeping track of my sales (hahahaha) and listing new products so much so I had a nasty shock when I realised it was way past 9pm and I've yet to prepare dinner. I guess it's probably back to ebay once again once I'm done with this post. Can't wait to clear my wardrobe and make space for my new purchases *winks, ok, SMIRKS

Me during lecture and chilling like a boss. Disclaimer: before you start thinking I'm some unrefined, uncivilized and uncultured Asian chick, this was taken during the lecture break. We had a movie screening (thats film studies Majors kids for ye) and I was in this posture half the time cos I needed to stretch my legs. And also 'cos there was no one seating in front of me. I ain't that rough, y'know

Brunch @ Twenty & Six Espresso (see previous post for more info). 

 I love people watching (old habits die hard)

 Model in a 1970s Brooks Brothers ad. He's hot and the New Yorker cousin would totally love this (uh, he ain't gay but he's a huge BB fan)

'The Hunter'


Low ankle boots with satin ribbon bow that I'm gonna put up for sale on ebay. Selling it cos we're moving and frankly speaking, I might pull of this look when I'm 18...but not the ripe old age of 22

The same pair of boots. Taken when I was 18. Get my drift (about being young and pulling off that girly look)?

Dinner on mon at Gami Chicken off Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Holy shit, that was one hell load truckload of fried chicken. 

OK, this pic of yours truly does not belong here (literally and figuratively speaking) cos it was taken in Spring 2010. Heh heh

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Big Issue

Uh, I've managed to convince my New Yorker cousin to help me with some purchases from American Apparel, since it's way cheaper in the States as compared to Aussie. Though I can't decide if I should get the Disco Pant or the Riding Pant. I love the Disco Pant (excusez-moi, it's basically lust at first sight) but alas, the thought of walking around in a sparkly jeggings-ish looking outfit doesn't seem to entirely goes well with me. And then i saw this picture of the Riding Pant. Which. Basically. Nailed. It. All.

pic source: American Apparel

Before I sign off (and start making my online purchases), this is what I ate for brunch earlier today. Aptly named after traditional female Japanese performers (Memoirs of a Geisha, anyone?), the 'Geisha' consists of black and white sesame-crusted tuna steak along with wasabi mash. Wow, wasabi mash - thats mash potato in a whole new level (YES, I'm a sucker for anything potato). 

Place we went to: Twenty & Six Espresso, along 594 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Say A Little Prayer

I love Sundays. It's the day where I get to meet my favorite people at church and chill with them. Sunday Best much? *laughs. Anyway I was lucky enough that it started to rain and hail only after I got home. And to think the weather was so sunny earlier on! But then again, this is Melbourne we're talking about. You get to experience four seasons in a day and I'm not even kidding. Weather from tomorrow onwards is gonna be cold cold cold, which probably means time to bring out the tights, jeans and booties. But that said, I've finally managed to upload pictures of my recent Sydney getaway, though I'll probably blog about Sydney sometime this week.

But before I sign off with a huge ta!, I've managed to squeeze in a couple of amateur self-timer shots of my outfit today. I've been lusting after this pair of two-sided Nylon-Mesh leggings since 2010 ever since American Apparel became a favorite brand of mine (sheer mesh + shiny opaque nylon = très chic et sexy!) But alas, leggings cost AUD76 on the Aussie site (and nope, the US site does not ship to Australia). I love AA for their quality, comfort and designs but seriously, $76 for a pair of leggings is tad too much. Well, but I've managed to lay hands on not one - but two of these leggings when I realised AA is selling them for just $15! Apparently they made too many of these tights in XS and phew, guess I was really lucky! I was kinda apprehensive at first about the sizing. Even though I'm pretty much a skinny person, I'm really bottom heavy. I'm a UK8 for my bottom and an XS doesn't seems to be an optimum size for me. It probably doesn't help when I opened my parcel and started pondering to myself if it makes sense that I can actually squeeze my thighs and butt into such a small pair of leggings. But woman, it's spandex! And nylon! Which makes it pretty stretchable. I also love the part that the mesh part reminds me of fishnet stockings, albeit this is the non-trashy and classier version. It's a pretty unique pair of leggings. Ok, I should seriously stop rambling and show you guys pictures. Pardon the amateurish shots though as I've too much girl pride to ask my cold, unfriendly and unfeeling  sister (kidding) to help me with a decent full-body shot. 

The American Apparel Nylon Tricot Micro-Mesh Two-Sided Legging as it is on its own

Boots from Topshop

Love today's weather! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Candy Baby

Ok so I just got back from Sydney last week (sorry that I haven't been posting cos I'm really really busy these days. I mean, I'm here only 'cos I'm taking a break from my darn Media research essay). Pics will be up soon (hopefully).

Apart from the food (Hurricane's! Chat Thai!), there's another reason why I totally heart Sydney! - Holy shite, there is an actual Victoria's Secret store in Sydney's Airport (OK Melbourne people, please do something about this). No surprises that my gal pals and I went gaga the moment we spotted VS. All of us just started throwing bottles of fragrance mists and lotion into our baskets and made a beeline for the cashier. I got myself the usual Love Spell series but there's a new baby that I'm totally crushing on right now and it's the Candy Baby mist.

Holy shite, this totally reminds me of candy/fairy floss! It has a strong sugar and vanilla scent to it and it smells really nice! It's my favourite fragrance mist right now. One of my girlfriend got this as well. And I remembered telling her, "Your boyfriend is gonna find you so edible right now." 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kitty Mashmellow

I'm not a fan of cats, but this has gotta be the cutest kitten/fluffy little thing I've ever seen. I swear I'm playing this video on repeat now - kitty's just toooooo cute!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here's Cillian Murphy on the cover of CLASH magazine's May 2012 issue. One word: hotness (though I don't really dig the cover though. He looks really really really good in the second image though). Whatttt,  you want more proof? Just check out In Time. He looks soooooo divine as the Timekeeper who runs around in a leather trench.

Image source: Cillian Murphy's official Facebook page

Speaking of which, my new loots from Samantha Wills came in today! For those who don't know, Samantha Wills is an Australian jewelry designer (I love Aussie designers!) who is currently based in NYC. Hollywood royales such as Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore are pretty much fans of her designs and it's not difficult to see why. I'm already in love with everything!!!! Got myself one of her famous ring designs - the Bohemian Bardot ring and I love it! I can't wait to lay my hands on the other rings, but in the meantime, I'm trying my luck on ebay cos I really wanna snag the black version! P.S.: Love the way the people at Samantha Wills gift-wrapped my items (but thats because I opted the gift wrap service) but the boxes that come together with the stuff that I've bought are so pretty. Pity I did not fish out my camera and snap, snap, snap!

But in case you're wondering the ring that I've bought for myself, here's it!

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