Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm back! xxx

I know I haven't updating this blog for some time...but hell yeah, I'm back! :) I've been pretty busy since my last blog entry (being a PR Girl is serious business after all). But till then, here are some random snapshots of what I've been up to since then:

My OOTD one lazy Sunday - I frigging LOVE this Mango cardigan (it reminds me of Chanel's Tweed jackets! And plus I've always wanted a semi-formal cardigan, so here goes). That's also my trusty old Chanel that I've been toting around since I was 18 hahaha. Old school classic indeed.

Marina Bay Sands - Snapped this while the laser display lights were out when I was at the Lantern Bar at Fullerton Bay Hotel last month for a cocktail party. It's just one of those affirming moments when I'm proud to tell others that this beautiful city is a place where I call home.

Equinox Restaurant: A nice Saturday lunch with the boyfriend last month. 

One of my favorite quotes ever. Pasted this inside my planner too - to remind myself that it's ok whenever I feel immensely guilty after splurging on a luxe item.

The Script concert on 29 March - I'm not exactly a huge fan of them, but i love a couple of their songs and the guy I'm with totally loves them so... yeah.

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