Monday, November 29, 2010

nude awakening

I might get to intern at an internationally acclaimed fashion magazine (fingers crossed!) sometime this week, which probably explains why I was busy mixing my outfits (for the first day at work) and gazing at my reflection in the full-length mirror in my room an hour ago. Tried a couple of tops and blazers (black or grey?) but I kept one thing constant through it all, that is, my nude pumps.

I'm 167cm (or  5'6) tall and recently, I'd this huge obsession with anything that is heeled - be it heels, wedges or clogs. And that said, I got myself my first pair of nude pumps. I know they always say that black is the best neutral colour ever, simply because it's black. Black is versatile and it's easy to match black with anything (think: black on black works equally well as well). But that said, I guess I've enough of black. I have loads of black heels/stilettos, LBDs (so many that i've lost count), black bags (my boyfriend says he realised i've a closet full of black bags) and i used to paint my nails only in noir. And it probably also doesn't help that I was born with jet black hair (cos I'm an Asian, duh).

Okay so back to the nude pumps in question. I've decided to wear them cos they look so cute and 'cos it's the best way to jazz up my entire outfit. That said, I'll probably end off with a picture of Victoria Beckham in nude heels. I also chanced upon a picture of her in a pair of nude Louboutins but I really like this look of hers here. It's presentable and also on trend. I guess the nude heels really made her outfit. Imagine if she were to wear a pair of black heels. It'd be so...boring and predictable?

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm sure most of us out there are largely influenced by celebrities i.e. the way they dressed, the it bags or Haute Couture outfits that they wear and carry (just a disclaimer: i'm not TOTALLY influenced by these public figures/entertainers - I dress the way I like and I know what trends work best for my body shape). But before I start yakking whats with this whole entire fixation with celebrity culture (I'm a cultural studies student), here are some celebrities whom I earnestly think work the whole fashion walk: 

 I don't really dig that Holmes-Cruise union (sorry, I think Brad Pitt is way hotter and better than Tom Cruise) and I'm sure most people can't comprehend what Katie Holmes sees in Tom Cruise (though I gotta admit that Suri Cruise is a pretty adorable little girl), but I gotta say that I like Katie Holmes' fashion's choices. She's the one who brought back that entire boyfriend jeans trend and she does rocked that high-waisted and high bun look really well. And it probably doesn't help that her height and slim figure helps her to pull off most outfits even she's off-duty and on Mom mode.

I don't watch The OC or any of Rachel Bilson's work, but I gotta say that this pint-sized, petite actress does have a pretty good sense of style. She does commit certain fashion boo boos, but apart from that, her style boils around casual chic yet presentable. (Note: I specially chose this pic of Bilson cos i dig that whole boyfriend jeans, blazer and clogs look. I totally love the entire outfit. If only I have some moolah for the Sam Edelman and Topshop clogs I'm currently eyeing.)

 I know most people who watched 'The Hills' would probably think of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag at first thought, but in my opinion, it's probably Whitney Port's casual chic style that has won over fans like me. I'm a huge fan of most of her outfits (read: floral dresses, blazers, oxfords) and she certainly knows her stuff. I mean, Ms Port now has her own reality spin-off (The City), interned at Teen Vogue (omg!!!) and Diane Von Furstenburg and is now a designer, having recently debuted her own fashion line. 

My all-time favorite celebrity. 

I like Nicole Richie simply because she's that wild, crazy party animal who is now reformed and has changed for the better. There are crazy rumors about her December wedding to Good Charlotte's Joel Madden, but Richie won fans and even new converts not only through the fact that she is now an accomplished designer (her fashion lines include Winter Kate and House of Harlow) and devoted mother to her children, she has also shed her wild child moments by simply replacing barely-out-there, loud and trashy outfits with boho chic styled fashion choices- think flowing maxi dresses, tie-dyed tees, shorts and headpieces. Oh, and I also love the way how she dons tights over shorts during winter with Louboutin boots. 

Other favorite celebrities whom I love to bits ends (cos of their fashion choices) include Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins (though i gotta 'fess they are forever into that dark, edgy and grungy trend), Keira Knightley, Vanessa Hudgens (don't like her personally, but I have to admit her fashion style is pretty similar to mine), Jessica Biel and yes, Ashlee Simpson.

(pic) sources: various blogs and websites

Monday, November 22, 2010

Untitled Much


Like whoa! Are you excited and happy upon hearing that? Cos i was! (Though it took me quite awhile to realise that also translates to more Singaporeans donning/owning the same stuff) Personally speaking, I don't think Singaporeans have a poor, understated sense of style. I mean, granted, yes, the majority of the population are usually decked in flip flops, tees and shorts. Even the angmohs here are doing that. But it's the weather. And it probably doesn't help that we're always hot (no pun intended) and sunny and humid all 365 days, year round). Still, the fact that this is gonna be the first time H&M's in Southeast Asia is probably good news for all of us cos that also means we no longer have to fly Hong Kong (the nearest H&M-invaded city). I mean, could you believe my cousin's heading to HK soon just to lay his hands on the Lanvin/H&M collaboration?! Unbelievable

I remembered I was first introduced to the brand when I was in San Francisco for a vacation. I was 16 then and gosh I admit i was a total fashion klutz then (hey, everyone have their geek moments) but yes, I walked out with a couple of good deals from H&M. In fact, I remembered leaving the store, feeling really smug. Like, 'hehehehe I'm gonna be one of the few in Singapore donning this pretty H&M dress! hehehe'. But yay.

" I have said in the past that I would never do a mass-market collection, but what intrigued me was the idea of H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public." - Alber Elbaz, Creative Director at Lanvin

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