Friday, October 19, 2012

Justin Timberlake x Jessica Biel Are Married!

Congrats to the newlyweds! (Yes they are one of my favorite Hollywood couples)

P.S. Can't wait for pictures - I'm (still) wondering about the new missus' choice of wedding gown.  According to previous reports, it's most probably an Elie Saab gown.

Monday, October 8, 2012

In a nutshell;

My reading material for the week

When I decided that I wanted to pursue a career within the Public Relations industry, friends and loves ones would never fail to bombard me with, 'So what exactly is PR?'

Sometimes it's hard to put it into words... I mean, everyone knows PR translates to generating press coverage and publicity for the brand that you're presenting (which probably explains the why the word 'public' is there in the very first instance, duh). But I think nycgirls probably summed it up best here.

Another favorite question? What do PR practitioners do? Well, media monitoring (to ensure that your brand receives (sufficient) press coverage), media pitching and press releases, event planning, crisis communications and campaign building. Of course, that's not it. PR executives have to build a good working relationship with members from the Press, considering that we work closely with the media. And then there's the client side as well.

I was pretty much on geek mode today and decided to head down to the nearest bookstore for some PR material (well, it's always good to read up about the industry). And this analogy totally summed up what PR is all about:

"If a boy meets a girl and impresses upon her how wonderful he is...that's Advertising.

But if the girl seeks him out because she has heard from others what a splendid fellow he is...that's Public Relations."

- Brian Salter (Journalist and PR Consultant), Successful Public Relations (2012)
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