Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I was so proud of myself for not doing any online shopping (even though I did attempt to by looking poring through some of my favourite sites) since April. Checked my mail last night and found a mail from American Apparel (Australia). Apparently they're having a hosiery and socks sale so heh heh yours truly helped myself to some nice tights (I'm a big fan of tights by the way. They look so sophisticated with ankle boots, flats and booties during winter. Love love them!) and then, I suddenly had the urge to take a good look at the Disco Pant again. I had the biggest crush on the Disco Pant since last year, but what put me off from purchasing one pair is the huge-ass price. Seriously, 125AUD for a pair of shiny nylon pants? But I don't deny they are indeed a showstopper :)

My fave color! :) See how awesome it looks! Makes me so tempted to get a pair right now grrrr


Speaking of which, I got myself my first pair of TOMS shoes last night!! :) For those who don't know, TOMS was basically started by this an American dude who travelled to Argentina and was startled that most of the poverty-stricken kids there do not even own a pair of shoe. And thus, thats how TOMS came about. For every pair of shoe that is purchased by you or anyone else, the company will donate a new pair of shoes to a kid in need. It's basically fashion cum charity. The shoes reminds me of keds, but what I really like is the idea of helping someone and being able to get yourself a new nice reward at the end of the day. TOMS' is also very much a big hit among celebrities too - Keira Knightley, Miley Cyrus, Liv Tyler, the Olsen twins, Anna Kubrick and model Agyness Denn are some of the famous faces that have been seen wearing them. 

I got myself a TOMS classic canvas which retails for US$44 and I got mine in Olive. My sis thought the colour was awful (she got hers in Navy) while the Boyfriend thinks Olive is a pretty unique colour as compared to Ash grey (my first choice). Heh heh I guess I'll probably have to wait for my parcel to arrive before I could say if I made the right choice, but till then, fingers crossed!

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