Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another update on the GE 2011.

I was skimming through Xiaxue's blog when I chanced upon this new entry. Frankly speaking, I'm not a huge fan of her though I've to admit that I totally dig her style of writing. And while I'm not an advocate of excessive Photoshop (she looks kinda plastic in some of her pictures; it makes you ponder if that girl in those pictures is even a living doll). But that said, I respect her and admire her even more after reading this article ( It's straight to the point and it brings up so many issues which most Singaporean online netizens have overlooked (you know who you are, anti-PAP bashers).

I don't know George Yeo personally (haven't met him either), neither do I know his children (though a friend of a friend is pretty close with the Yeos), but from what I garnered from his Facebook account and even recounts of people who've met him, he seems to be a pretty down-to-earth man with exceptional credentials. This is definitely someone whom I'd vote for if I could (I can't vote by the way, and yes I'm from the Holland-Bukit Timah area). And I think Xiaxue also made a pretty relevant point when she says we shouldn't compare both Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling. Granted, they're both young (the former's 24, the latter, 27), successful in their rights and have grassroots experiences; but that does not necessary meant that Seah is better than Tin. Just because she could speak better and pump up the crowd with fiery anti-PAP speeches doesn't make her a better candidate. Yes, Tin made several mistakes (the awful, cutesy Kate Spade picture, not bringing her parents to Universal Studios as her greatest regret), but if you were to realise, neither did Seah thoroughly impressed with her answer (with regards to the greatest regret). At first glance, her answer's definitely way more impressive and intelligent as compared to Tin but hello, that's not really answering the question when the reporter asked 'whats your greatest regret' and you go ' I'm only 24 blahblahblah.' (Though I have to admit I don't think I would want Tin in the parliament).

It's kinda disheartening to see that some Singaporeans are actually taking things a little too personal. What's with the name bashing? And even likening our government to a tyrant? I mean, sure, the PAP has its fair share of problems to settle but that doesn't mean one can start calling them names (and really awful names at that) and even dragging the various politicians' families into this whole bashing saga. It's really amusing how low some people can actually go. But at the same time, it makes me ponder if our society is one that is totally devoid of both compassion, warmth and understanding.

The Prime Minister has already made a public apology, so what more do you want? It's not easy to be a leader, but it's definitely not easy to be a good leader. And there's also no such thing as a flawless and perfect government system. You can easily infer from other countries.

p.s: it's funny how I started this blog because I love fashion, but now I'm constantly updating it with politics-related news.

ED: I just went over to TR for a quick look and I'm totally flabbergasted at the amount of vulgarities and crude language used by the netizens there. One even called Ms Bryna Sim's mother a 'slut.' Like seriously? On what grounds does this person have to call someone else' mom a slut? What an uncultured, unrefined and uncivilized person. Fancy resorting to such low means. What's with all the name callings and name bashings seriously? Looking at the way my fellow Singaporeans conduct themselves on the Internet is just shocking and downright despicable.Just makes me mad mad mad. And yes, I've shared my piece of mind on that stupid site, Temasek Review (it's stupid cos it's only existence is to bash the government and create anti-PAP sentiments, and where all those mindless people gather to start verbally abusing the government in a crude and distasteful manner). All i can do is to just pray that they'll not delete my comment since it's still under 'moderation.'

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