Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lcGot this off from a friend's Facebook status:

"Don't talk about "gutter journalism" and how journos in Spore are lapdogs of the govt until you've worked for a professional paper and have an idea of how it's like. You don't have to read these papers if you hate em so much. Set up your own if you're one to talk."

I seriously have no idea whats wrong with Singaporeans (those on that ridiculous anti-TNP page). Look, you want free press? Sure, you'll get it. But don't regret it. And this is coming from a Journalism student (but don't worry, I don't fabricate stories, so please don't drag me down as well). 

ed: And calling the reporter Bryna Sim 'ugly', 'prostitute' and even likening her to a 'scheming rat?' Hello, isn't that a bit tad too personal? What does it says about you? Kinda too despicable if you were to stoop to such low levels of awful name bashing/calling.

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