Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Recently received my first Chanel jewellery piece for my birthday! :) It's a gift from the Boyfriend- basically just the double C ring. Hehehehe. My mum probably thinks it's not worth paying so much for costume jewellery but i guess i just want a classic little piece? Almost 3 weeks later, I ran back to the Chanel boutique at Ngee Ann City and bought myself a pair of Chanel earrings. It's one of the design from this Spring/Summer 2011 collection and i guess i'm quite satisfied with my purchase so far :>

Anyway i'm heading out now for dinner. Had a hard time deciding if I want to settle for one of my fave maxi dresses or the new vintage (oh, how oxymoronic) bell bottoms jeans that I bought yesterday. I had a hard time looking for them and yes, I've been digging this whole 70s flare jeans look for quite some time. The only major grouse that i have? The hemlines goes way too long and thats why I'm wearing my sis' heels out today. Pairing it with the ubiquitous white tee and my all-time fave chanel 2.55 carrier and i'm all set to go. Probably post pics up if I have the time! :)

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