Saturday, March 5, 2011

don't talk to me

The weather in Melbourne (yeaps, thats where I'm currently based at the moment) is so insanely erratic. I touched down last Monday (technically the last day of Summer) and it was like, 15 degrees i think? And then autumn descended and it's not even a week past summer and everyone's already all decked out in boots, coats, whoa. Global warming i guess?

But that said, i've been studying (haha yes, pardon me for my choice of word) the weather forecast on google religiously and it says that this coming weekend will be way hotter (yay!!!), though the cool weather will set in again from tuesday onwards. And tomorrow's sunday, which means it's time to head down to church once again. I'm clueless as to what to wear to church, but I'm thinking of my vintage bell bottoms and a plain white tee with red platform wedges from Urban Outfitters. I'd earlier thought of a simple black maxi with Havianas..but then again, who wears an all-black attire and flipflops to church? Haven't you heard of the term 'sunday best'?

Anyway, I was browsing facehunter yesterday when this picture caught my eye (not that none of them not anyway).

(image source:

I love the fact they go well with dresses, jeans, tights and everything else in the whole entire universe. I was at Forever New@ Melbourne Central the other day when I saw one of the store assistant donning one pair too. On hindsight, i should've asked. I know some online sites do sell them, but it's either poor, cheap-looking material, soles/platforms that are way tooooo high for uni/daily wear or that it's too expensive. But it's okay i supposed, i'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair!

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