Monday, November 29, 2010

nude awakening

I might get to intern at an internationally acclaimed fashion magazine (fingers crossed!) sometime this week, which probably explains why I was busy mixing my outfits (for the first day at work) and gazing at my reflection in the full-length mirror in my room an hour ago. Tried a couple of tops and blazers (black or grey?) but I kept one thing constant through it all, that is, my nude pumps.

I'm 167cm (or  5'6) tall and recently, I'd this huge obsession with anything that is heeled - be it heels, wedges or clogs. And that said, I got myself my first pair of nude pumps. I know they always say that black is the best neutral colour ever, simply because it's black. Black is versatile and it's easy to match black with anything (think: black on black works equally well as well). But that said, I guess I've enough of black. I have loads of black heels/stilettos, LBDs (so many that i've lost count), black bags (my boyfriend says he realised i've a closet full of black bags) and i used to paint my nails only in noir. And it probably also doesn't help that I was born with jet black hair (cos I'm an Asian, duh).

Okay so back to the nude pumps in question. I've decided to wear them cos they look so cute and 'cos it's the best way to jazz up my entire outfit. That said, I'll probably end off with a picture of Victoria Beckham in nude heels. I also chanced upon a picture of her in a pair of nude Louboutins but I really like this look of hers here. It's presentable and also on trend. I guess the nude heels really made her outfit. Imagine if she were to wear a pair of black heels. It'd be so...boring and predictable?

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