Sunday, July 1, 2012


I did a post on floral pants not too long ago and I promised to do a (short) write up on printed pencil skirts simply because they are just as chic as their masculine counterparts. And plus, they are catching up pretty quickly like the peplum trend (peplum tops, peplum skirts, peplum dresses, anyone?).

Frankly speaking, I'd have forgotten all about this post if it weren't for the fact that I purchased a printed pencil skirt from ZARA today (will definitely post an outfit shot soon!). I think they're huge and they're a great take on the usual plain pencil skirts. And I love the fact that they're sooooo versatile; you can wear them to the office or even hit the malls in them. The only main rule? Wear them with heels! (Thin-strap stilettos are best preferred). And make sure that your top is in a neutral color (try to avoid loud prints so that your top and skirt won't look as though they're clashing with each other). Be bold and adventurous by going for flower motifs - look screams instant chic!

Panther-print pencil skirt from Givenchy

As worn by Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage

Carine Roitfeld

Totally lusting after this cute banana-printed number from Fairground (one of my fave brands by the way)

As seen on the runway

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