Monday, May 14, 2012

Love, Mae

I'm been feeling really sick since last night. Fever and flu can be such a lethal combination especially when you have a busy week up ahead...but I'm really proud of myself for dragging myself out of bed to attend a Media lecture at 9 this morning. I've also managed to head down to my local post office to collect my parcels (as well as to mail out a parcel to an eBay buyer).

I've this thing for pretty stuff and I guess those wall decals that I've ordered from Love Mae last week kinda perked me up when I received them today. I seriously can't wait to start decorating my room (in Singapore, that is...since I'll be leaving Melbourne in about two months' time). They're sooooo pretty! Not quite convinced? Okay check out these pictures:

I love the fact that even the postage stamp's in a form of a heart (as in, LOVE, geddit?)

In case you're (still) wondering what Love Mae is basically is/about or what they offer, it's basically an Aussie site that sells pretty wall decals, stickers, dinnerware, wrapping paper and even bedding. They have a wonderful collection of wall decals so feel free to pop by and start shopping! (Though I gotta admit that their prices are kinda on the high side (I'm a poor Communications student to begin thats probably not a valid statement) but I guess it's pretty much justifiable if you're talking about wall decals that are made of adhesive fabric and that can be easily removable and reusable. Probably another reason why their kids range is a huge favorite among parents). *Also note that the last three images are taken from Love Mae's official site.

And as for the second parcel that I collected's my new Velvet dress from Mink Pink! :D I spotted this girl wearing a velvet dress the other day while I was out with my friends for brunch and I was like 'dayummmm I need one as well.' I mean, velvet dress + tights + boots make such a rad combination. And yes, I really love velvet. Bought a velvet dress from American Apparel in March and I absolutely love the way it glides along your body and plus, I love the velvet feel.

Clothing tag is now up on my wall

Ok, I'm signing off now cos I'm sneezing as if I'm gonna drop dead. Adieus! 

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