Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm so effing mad at ASOS - goddamnit, they accidentally left out part of my address and thus, the postman couldn't locate my place and had to send the freaking parcel back to their warehouse. And now ASOS is telling me they're gonna refund me BUT look, i don't want a refund. I just want my items back. (They say I can re-order on the site again). Like hello? The size and color that I want are all sold out. And guess what? I placed three orders within a week and they also forgot to include my unit number for my address (for all three orders). Intentionally or what?

ASOS just makes my blood boil. I adore the free shipping and the once-in-a-blue-moon 80% sale and the wonderful range of outfits your clearance sale provides but really, asos' standard is really turning for a worse change. First, they sent me an incorrect item (last May) and now this. Ugh. But it's alright, let me change my focus to Urban Outfitters. I was looking for some pictures for my media research paper (I'm focusing on media effects) and omg, the catalog is just breathtaking! I love love love UO's catalog - gorgeous models, pretty clothes and breathtaking sights. Thanks to Soraya who got me the hardcopy version from NYC last year! :)

Pretty pictures taken off UO's Summer/Fall Catalog '10/'11


  1. Asos has done me over so many times as well, every time I order from them, shipping takes nearly over a month and they've lost my package so many times. Their customer service gets worse the more they expand, really not impressed with them anymore! Loving UO's look book snaps, so dreamy x

  2. I totally agree with you! But I guess it's hard to not like Asos and not want to buy their stuff. I mean, their clothes are pretty affordable and quite pretty. Plus, there's free worldwide shipping! :) But that said, I hope Asos won't disappoint again (fingers crossed!).

    P.S: Yes! I'm totally diggin' UO's look book shots! Pretty pretty pretty! xx

  3. Yeah, some of there such is so fashion forward but affordable and the free shipping and occasional discount codes always lure me in and I end up forgetting about my Asos ban haha! Thanks for following, really appreciate it and I really like your blog :) x

  4. haha same here! :)

    My pleasure! Thanks following my blog too and I love your outfits! Tres chic! x


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