Friday, September 30, 2011


I know I'm supposed to be researching for my Global Environmental Politics essay (thats due this Mon), but I'm somehow 'researching' for bags instead. You see, Mom called me today to ask if I wanna get a Balenciaga...but really, I just want the Celine box Bag. I mean, I've been lusting for it like since forever.

I've always love CELINE simply because it's a fairly understated brand as compared to the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci et al, and plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE Phoebe Philo. Like a lot. And the Box Bag's definitely the kind of classic bag that I can see myself using for the rest of my life. It's versatile and unlike the Miu Miu which my parents got me for my 20th birthday, it definitely goes well for both formal and casual occasions. I can see myself carrying this to the mall (in jeans/denim shorts/summer dresses etc.) or heading out to the office in my corporate attire.

But my sis was quite vehemently against me getting the Box Bag. Her justifications? It's tad too expensive for a small bag and plus, it looks cheap. Cheap?!?!?! Are you effing sure? Just cos it doesn't have the brand label plastered on the bag itself....But I gotta admit, I did spotted the neon versions of the Box Bag in Sportsgirl. Imagine paying $4k for the real deal when you can get one for $34 from a high-street label. But of course, it doesn't come in luxe leather. Thats for sure.

One other bag that I'm currently lusting for? It's the Hermes' Constance bag. Pretty similar to Celine's Box as it comes in a structured shape with a long sling, but the Hermes is definitely more distinctive for its gold-plated 'H' hardware. I think I've fallen in love with it the moment I saw Diane Kruger toting one.

Diane Kruger with her Constance.

Mom also asked if I want the YSL Muse. Ok, I think my sister can probably shut her trap now 'cos the YSL Muse is not just a classic, it is HUGE and yes, very well-suited for daily use. I've managed to feel the leather of the bag when I was at a YSL boutique the other time and oh God, it's really soft. I've always told myself that I have to get the Muse the moment i start work. Well, I'm gonna graduate next semester. Is that a good reason why I have to get it? Shrugs :<

P.S: I'm totally chuffed to know that I actually have one follower (well, at least I do know someone's following/reading my blog!) :> Thanks Alex! You made my day <33333

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