Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well, you guys might know that I'm in a long-distance relationship. I've been with my boyfriend for almost two years and I must say, even though we have loads of bickering sessions and little petty fights, we still love each other dearly. It's never easy for one to be in a LDR, and for that, I salute those whose long-distance relationships are successful. Technically speaking, my parents themselves are in a LDR as well. Dad's stationed in HK and occasionally flies to Milan, while mum is well, mum in Singapore.

I'm actually writing this cos I miss my boyfriend of two years dearly. I sent him off at the airport this morning (he boarded the 7AM flight from Melbourne to Auckland) and it has indeed been a long day for me. Thank God I didn't cry at the airport this time round (bonus points for me!!! :> ), though my tears started streaming down when I got home. It'll be just a month more before I get to see him again and for that, I can't wait to look forward to 4th July.

Picture taken by the boyfriend when we were out at Brunwick the other day. Im wearing a Zara coat, black shiny matt skirt from Supre, tights from American Apparel and black ankle booties with shear lining from Topshop.

Speaking of Brunswick, omg it's awesome!! The boyfriend loves it there and so do I. Loads of vintage stores (still can't find Savers though!) and off-beaten shops with quirky little finds. Very different from the ones at Bourke Street Mall, I must say. This is my fourth time there and when my allowance comes in, I'm so gonna explore the streets there and (literally) shop til' I drop. 

I guess thats all for now, cos my head hurts and I'm pretty much in low spirits today. But that said, if you are in a LDR yourself, or if you were to know of any successful LDR coupling, pray tell! :) It'll be nice to give someone like me hope to hang in there <3

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