Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I know this entry's title is pretty random so :D so much has happened since my last blog post, like, Mom's gonna get us a new Chanel 2.55 so yay!!! My Winter break is coming to a near end too, so I'm pretty much   not looking forward to a new term. Uni's a rut seriously. I'm currently experiencing some issues with the Student Portal (oh, darn you school. kidding) and I can't seem to enrol, drop, add or swap any subjects online. Sure sucks to be me.

Meeting with the girls soon and I think i'm wearing a maxi skirt tomorrow. I guess I have a thing for maxis - both dresses and skirts. My sister shoved a striped maxi skirt when she got back the other day. Apparently she can't fit into the Cotton On skirt she bought. Hahaha. I'm thinking of pairing them with heels, though i'm still contemplating if I should.

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That said, we kinda adopted a stray little pup. He's a six weeks old Mongrel named Simba. My sister's friend found three puppies on the street and sis brought one home. He's really cute though my granny has already made her stance that we gotta find the pup a new home cos she doesn't want to care for the dog. Everyone's busy and my sister and I will be heading back to Melbourne, so I guess we gotta start finding him a new home. I can't bear to part with him (those numerous feeding times really bonded both of us) but there is nothing much I can do cos it's not like I can just ship him off to Aussie :'(

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