Friday, August 3, 2012

BryanBoy #2

I must have been living under a rock!!!! I'm just done watching a short documentary on Frankie Han (better known as Han Huo Huo) - one of the editors of Marie Claire China (who also happens to be a prominent fashion blogger in La Chine). Apparently he shot to fame after being captured by Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) along one of the laneways in Milan.

Dude's amaaaaaaaaaazing cos he has a wicked sense of style and yes he's actually carrying one the Celine Box Bag here - one of those gorgeous leather babies that I've been lusting since forever. He reminds me of BryanBoy (think: wacky, loud and yes, he carries Chanel (just like BB) and wear heels too). Do check out his blog for more outfit shots, exclusive runway shows and Han partying and living it up with (Asian) models and celebrities. And yes, it's written in Mandarin China (dude's from yeah) but the pictures sure make up for the lost in translation.

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