Friday, June 15, 2012

Floral Power

I really have a thing for anything floral-related. Floral clogs? Yes. Floral skirts? Yes. Floral scarves? Yes. But my latest obsession has gotta be floral pants (though I'm also digging printed pencil skirts at the moment; and yes I'll do a blog post on said skirts really soon).

It's a very versatile look (you can pair floral pants with tees for a chic summer look or long tunics with military-style boots during the cold seasons) and I'm sure the following pictures serve as a good testament why floral pants are the new it pants. As for me, I'm currently lusting after the Jordan trouser (Fiji print) from Motel.

Sources: MarketHQ et the Virtual World


  1. I'm obsessed with these...def my next purchase!

    1. Yes you should totally get one! I'd definitely buy the Fiji trouser from Motel if I weren't always so broke :(

  2. Floral skinnies are my fave <3


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