Monday, December 5, 2011

The Bag Page

I've been dying to do something like this since forever but somehow I just seemed to forget that I have to do this or that I'm usually in a rush for time. Whatever it is, I've finally found the time to snap some shots of my bag and the contents in my bag. I have to rush down to a magazine firm for a casting call and it's catchup and agony aunt time with my best guy friend (we've been friends for like, 9 years??!!).

The bag: Saffiano Lux Tote from Prada. My dad got this for me just before I got back from Melbourne. Love the color and the fact that it's a structured tote. 

Stuff in my bag:

Well, it's the usual suspects - wallet from Prada, stripe coin purse from ASOS (my gay best friend told me not to use the coins compartment in the Prada wallet as well, a coin area, as it'll make the wallet lose its shape as coins are pretty bulky and heavy in general), box of mints.

The polka-dotted purse is my camera pouch. I used to have one from Crumpler but I lost it. It looks really cute - picture of a camera to hold an actual camera. I got the current one from Accessorize on sale.

Every girl needs an engagement planner (or so I think) and here's mine! I'm not really that tech-savvy so no iPad for me. I love jotting down notes and planning for the day/week ahead. And whats without a novel during long bus rides? I bought the novel One Day (yes, that Anne Hathaway movie) recently and so far, it's been a good read. Bought the same exact novel for a girlfriend too.

My mobile phone (yes, I'm using an old school Nokia). Told ya I'm not tech savvy. It wasn't in my bag earlier on when I snapped it so here you go. I can't seem to rotate the picture though but it looks pretty sleek, doesn't it? I have friends who thought this was a BlackBerry. But there you go.

If you're a blogger who happens to be on this page right now, do post an entry on your bag and its content! It's fun, trust me! :)

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