Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Sept next week and thou shalt not shop

OHMYGAWD IT'S ALREADY LATE AUGUST - can you believe that? My timetable's this semester is really slack - just a three day uni week (well, it's actually four, but you can count Thursday as a non-uni day since it's just an hour lecture with guest lecturers and a 20-minute consultation session every alternate week). That said, I've been trying to save my allowances cos I had a near-death experience last week. Hah, I got really broke (and really, I DID NOT SHOP AT ALL, i swear. Apart from grocery shopping, the only shopping 'indulgence' I ever had was to spend AUD$19.95 on a set of stickers wall decals from this awesome site called lovemae. I love their products - stuff there are soooooo pretty!). And so yeah, back to the being broke part, thank God for my dad cos he sent me moolah :> Okay but I realised I'm a pretty big spender, I went on a shopping spree on ASOS last night (bought some nice corporate wear for my future internship stints) and was busy buying a friend's gift for her 21st at Sportsgirl. And I blew about $62 just on greeting/birthday cards. Ok, I'd like to think of myself as a generous giver.

That said, here are some pictures (from all over the web, such as

Abby Lee Kershaw in a sheer maxi skirt. 

Lowluv by Erin Wasson Cross Necklace. Saw it on a model for an online boutique and I love it! It's tad too pricey though (I'm a poor uni student surviving on a student allowance, so what more do you expect) But I'm contemplating if I should get this. 

YSL Gold Pavot Arty Ring. I love it. But again, not sure if I wanna part with $275 for this baby. I mean, I bought a pair of Chanel earrings and i've only worn it less than five times. Bet it's collecting dust now. 

And before I go, another week of awesome celeb goss (erm nope, I'm not referring to Kim Kardarshian's wedding) - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are expecting their third child! :):):) I'm a huge fan of the Afflecks-Garner and I'm thrilled for them! I know a lot of people on the Internet always go how Jen Garner ain't stylish off the red carpets, but seriously, she's a hands-on mom so what do you expect? Granted, there are other stylish moms who are very hands-on when it comes to their kids a la Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie, but she ain't J-Lo who goes around with an entourage of bodyguards and nannies. And it's so obvious that her girls are happy and very down-to-earth. And I'm sure many Garner fans out there can attest that the Afflecks are probably the most real Hollywood family ever. Whoops, and did I forget to mention that when Jen Garner's all immaculately styled for the red carpet and major events, she's one glamourous star? A real beauty indeed. 

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